Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MyCiTi fares shows creativity of the people behind the project though much still need to be done.

What a great idea.........if you are working at the Cape Town International Airport you will get a discounted unlimited trips of R400 per month when using MyCiti IRT. Yes, unlimited trips at only R400 per month. But the trips are not transferable, so you can not buy a ticket and give it to your mom to go to the airport. No, you can not even borrow your dad a ticket to go the CBD. But just how are they going to ensure that the owner of the ticket becomes the only person who make use of it is unclear. There are options that can be used and the following comes into mind;
  • A photo of the designated user can be attached to their coupons;
  • Designate users to put on their thumps on a machine that recognizes it whenever they board the bus;

Though this is good for airport users, what about those who work along the route to the airport or those who work near the airport? I don't know how well the public transport in Cape Town operates but I am sure that there may be some passengers from the Cape Flats who would want to catch a bus at the Airport to the city center. Will they also given a discount as well or will they have to pay a normal price which will probably be higher?

Another good news is that children under 11 travelling along the airport route or shuttle as they call it will pay the half price, while those under 4 will travel for free.

On the airport shuttle, tickets for children aged four to 11 will cost R25.00 each – half the standard R50.00 adult fare. Children under the age of four can travel for free.
I am tempted to say that mini - taxis pioneered this idea in SA as it was when taking taxis back in Venda that I first learned about this but I know I will be wrong. I wonder if children under the age of 4 used to pay before the modern taxis came. Remember it used to be the private cars such as Chevrolet that were used as taxis in the 70s. I also ask myself why senior citizens were never given free seats but common sense tells you that its because you can not hold a senior citizen while a child who don't pay for a trip seats on the lap of the person travelling with. But why don't they offer this vulnerable group a discount? Agg...these are wish list isn't it? Why would I expect all these things to be done by taxis? Taxis do not get subsidized and the monopolistic position they have through their operating licenses discourages innovation in the industry.

Ahh...a little voice behind my head is saying to me "even PUTCO don't offer discounts to senior citizens and worse to children under 4 so why should I expect taxis to pay?". True, PUTCO buses I take don't even offer discounts to scholars. Only Metro buses and Tswane buses does offer discounts to the disabled/scholars/senior citizens and under under age children (except Metro Buses) while the one year old Rea Vaya does not offer non of that and not even a monthly ticket. MyCiti should immediately offer these discounts to these designated group.

So I ask, how do you know that I child is under the age of 4? Do you just take a look at make a personal judgement? Do you use an average height to make a judgement? Or do you require those under these ages to also have a special coupon which can be purchased with a proof of age? Mmmm...interesting.

Another great idea that made me say "wow" is the fact that the city is encouraging public transport usage by tourists.

Visitors to the city can purchase a ticket which provides one day of unlimited travel at R15.00.

Isn't that a great idea? I think its a cool and I will definitely make use of the MyCiti buses when I go to Cape Town. This just tells you how creative the people behind this project are and many cities have so much to learn from this. However, other special groups need to be included. However, I hope this will be included in the future.


I sent an email to Dawie Bosch asking about some of the reservations I had about MyCITI and here is our email correspondence;

Dear Mulaudzi
Thanks for the positive feedback!
MyCiTi is not at present offering concessions for scholars and senior citizens. However, we will be investigating this for future use.
Your feedback and comment in you blog is apprciated.
Dawie Bosch
Business Plan and Integration
Integrated Rapid Transit Project
City of Cape Town

Tel (021) 400-9135
Cell 082-557-8597

From: Erick Mulaudzi [emulaudzi@ingerop.co.za]
Sent: 02 September 2010 11:57 AM
To: Dawie Bosch
Subject: RE: Comments

Any discounts for the disabled/senior citizens and the scholars?

I recently bloged about you’re pricing on my blog and I will welcome your comments. You can also comment there for this question that I asked you. The link to the blog is found below;


Thanks and all the best.

From: Dawie Bosch [mailto:Dawie.Bosch@capetown.gov.za]
Sent: 02 September 2010 07:51 AM
To: emulaudzi@ingerop.co.za
Cc: Beverley Ball
Subject: Re: Comments

Dear Mr Mulaudzi

The R400 monthly ticket is available to all. The press release merely states that this ticket "was aimed at" airport employees.

The ticket should be available for sale from 20 Sept, but. Is valid for a calendar month, so a Sept ticket will expire end of Sept.

Kind regards

Dawie Bosch

Dawie Bosch
Business Plan and Integration
Integrated Rapid Transit Project
City of Cape Town

Tel (021) 400-9135
Cell 082-557-8597

From: Beverley Ball

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 07:04:59 +0200

To: Dawie Bosch; Dawie Bosch

Subject: FW: Comments


Please reply to Erick with regard to the ticket prices.


From: Erick Mulaudzi [mailto:emulaudzi@ingerop.co.za]
Sent: 31 August 2010 12:04 PM
To: Beverley Ball
Subject: Comments

Hi Beverly,

You just recently announced that ticket prices for those who work at the Airport will be discounted. What about those who work along the Airport? And what is the definition of Airport workers….does this include those who work near the airport? I think everyone who is a commuter, irrespective of where they work should be given a discount, especially those who work along the airport. The idea is great though…cant wait to get to Cape Town.

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kevin Lambourne said...

Myciti is a tourist unfriendly bus service. One has to walk a kilometre to buy a card before one may use the bus.This system is obviously designed to suit the Mandarins in the Council and not the passengers. Johannesburg is much friendlier - they still accept cash.
This is why I shall not be returning to Cape Town on holiday