Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Hellopeter

Ever since I started receiving google alerts about Transport Companies, I have started receiving alerts(about the two companies) from a source I never received...Hellopeter. Hellopeter lets customers to lodge a complaint on a public forum and offers companies to respond to your responses.

Many of you know the site and you may also be aware that not all comments that are sent there are validated. So, it would be wise not to believe everything you read that falls under Hello Peter. Below are some of the comments I got from Hellopeter. Most of the commentators are complaining about Metrorail's poor service which I have talked about here and have experienced first hand.

For the past 2 months I have been late at work for about 11 times because of the trains from kuilsriver (Eerste River, Muldersvlei) either running late or cancelled. This has put my job at stake and the letters are that we get from metrorail are no longer valid at work because it seems as if it's a lie. Ever since metrorail increased the ticket prices, the service became worse off and if this keeps on continuing many people will get warnings from their employers and get dismissed for metrorails inability to deliver services to the public as they promise.

This is a serious issue and it needs to be looked at. I tried to take earlier trains but same thing occurs. Like, today the train stood for several times between Kuilsriver and bellville for almost 20 minutes. I took the train from 06h42 only to get to cape Town station after 07h50. Week in week out there's always issues with metrorail trains and if this is not condemed by the people and the management, many South African will lose their jobs.

dont know why i even put this on here they dont even care anyway, but they must give the worst service in south africa, why must 1st class ticket buyers pay more then 3rd class when they travel the same way? no difference, the trains is always full during peak times, people hanging out of the trains... people getting fired from word cause they always late...

how can u run such a business??? who ever is setting the schedules must be a monkey im telling you... even with no brains...

but what can the customers do to get attention? nothing... they dont care as long as they get paid...

Cape metrorail for no1 worst customer service in SA

Metrorail make us late at work due to the trains that are late.I'm using the train everyday from Wynberg to Cape town.Today I was at the station 7:15am aiming the catch the train for 7:20 I stayed there till 7:45 ,the only thing you could here the train so and so is delaying sorry for inconvience that's all.Secondly I used to pay R128.00 now I'm paying R192.00 monthly hoping to get a better service but now it's worse because you find people from third class in the first class coach and that person is having a seat and the person who paid for first class has no seat NOT FARE AT ALL.I asked the guys from metrorail what is going to be new now that there is an increase in the ticket the response from them was there will be securities,access controllers,BUT NOTHING NOT EVEN ONE PERSON.

And a happy customer who was a World Cup spectator

We went to Moses Mabhida stadium last night to watch Korea vs Nigeria.

We decided to take the Metrorail train.

Wow but were we blown away. The train was on time. It was CLEAN. There were 9 police officers on board and a very presentable gentleman came through and explained the shuttle system and informed us on the times and platforms of our return train.

Welldone Metrorail. This system works!! I just hope they keep it for Rugby mtaches and Concerts in future!

I am a train commuter, I travel by train from Kuilsriver to Bellville everyday Mon-Frid, I take trains from Stellenbosch or Muldersvlei to Cape Town but I get off in Bellville. I have a monthly ticket. Last week Thursday I wrote a report complaining about the new train times and THERE WAS NO FEEDBACK to date. I was late the whole of last week, I stood at the station from 07h15 until 08h00, there was only one train that came from the time I was standing there and the train was full to no decimal point. I'm afraid the same thing happened this morning, the SAD or BAD thing is the fact that it was pouring with rain. This morning I was standing at the station from 07h05 until 08h00, again there was one train that came from that time (07h27) which was fullpacked and I was forced to take the next one that arrived at 08h00 and I was LATE AGAIN. I refuse to take a taxi being a monthly ticket holder.... These times are not accommodating us as commuters (once again) And Metrorail doesn't care...judging by their reaction or should I say no reaction at all. This is pathetic.....will this continue until the end of the world cup..... ?????

Customer complaining about the Business Express which was introduced in 2008 to attract car commuters between Soweto/Joburg and Joburg/Pretoria. It seems now their service is detoriating as well.

After 2 years of being a loyal custumer of the Twane Business Express I have never experienced this LOW level of service we are currently have to suffer.
After having to expain to my boss day after day why a am again one hour late for work I must suffer the trip back home without my newspaper and without the promised cup of coffe or hot choclate and having to deal with unfriendly and rude hosts and hostesses - I never would have thought it would come to this SHUBBY service - Once upon a time I was proud to say ' I Travel in Style on the TBE.............'


I would like to log a formal complaint about the incident that happened on Saturday the 10th, April 2010 at about 18:15 in the evening.I was on my way to board the 18:23 train to Eester River when the incident happened.On the 3rd class section I was going in the platforms and since the guys where onstrike I took for granted that there is no one then I walked through. One of theofficials used a sign language that I could not understand and you could tell she is waiting for someone to tell her s***t by the look in her face and I asked 'what is that?', only after I asked then she told me I must show my ticket.

I told her that she should have told me not in that way because I see that as a lack of respect and bad customer service and that's not the way I must be treated. I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity no matter who the hell am I according to her. By the time I was asking what was she doing my fingers were pointing at her, when I was done she then did the same insulting me and I asked her nicely not to point fingers at me then I lashed her hand. After that she hit me at the back and insult me in a way that I never thought a lady could do that to me

And this one says it all.

I have been travelling with the train for 20 years,before it was Metrorail,former South African Railways and since new take over,there is always breakages and late arrival of the trains exspecially Atteridgeville-Saulsville Corridor.January and February months were the worst with breakages and late arrivals exspecially the peak hour trains.I have trie on numeruos occassions to e mail Sipho Ngomane,the Metrororai spokesman,but have never bothered to respond.I have also informed him before time that this company will be bankrupt soon,and few weeks after that,they were on headlines--Running short of finance.Most goverment parastatals companies like this - Their Service Stinks.Metrorail is the Worst.Please get the system that runs properly with the right people who know what ther are doing,then we will buy our tickets with smiles!

Please note that Metrorail did not respond to any of these complaints/comments

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