Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the Gautrain

I finally took the Gautrain last Wednesday. The train is smooth and great to be in but I still think it was a kind of a waste to spend so much money on this project while even our own Metrobus in Jo'burg can't cater for its citiznes. Enough of my complaints.......I was on my way to the Airport (O.R. Tambo) and as a rule I had to get inside the Airport bound coach. Next to me was this wonderful black girl but who was going to Rhodesfield (Yes you heard me...she was going to Rhodesfield). When the train got there the door could not open and she was told that she has to go back to Sandton to take the right coach.

I asked the Security who was next to me if she cant get into the right coach at the Airport and he explained to me that No! I dont know why is thats the case, but I really think whoever who came with this idea is stupid or does this show that their fare (to Malboro/Rhodesfield) are under priced? Oh, talking of price, Gautrain prices from Hatfield to Jo'burg were unvailed on the 06th this month.