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Erick Mulaudzi is a Junior Transport Planner- Intern in Ingerop South Africa and have over 4 years of working experience. His first job was at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) where he worked as a Logistics Intern for a period of 10 months (from June 2007 to May 2008). There, he worked at a number of logistics and public transport research projects including a research on trends of Fast Moving Consumer Goods supply chain, with focus on the Spaza shops and Forecourts industry which formed part of the 3rd State of Logistics survey:Implementing logistics strategies in a developing economy. He also co-authored an article titled Noteworthy advances in passenger rail transport: some implications for South Africa with Mr. Mathetha Makonyama, a specialist researcher in passenger transport at the CSIR Transport Division  with specific interests in passenger transport service design and delivery models.
A class meeting with Dr. Bosman at the University of Johannesburg (where he was completing his Honours Degree in Transport Economics) ended up taking an offer to join Namela Projects (Pty) Ltd. in May 2008 where he worked as a Junior Transport Planner where he gained considerable experience in Public Transport and Freight Transportation. Among the major projects that Erick took part at Namela Projects include;
1) Tshwane BRT Operational Plan,
2) Review of Public Transport Infrastructure and Facilities on Truck Corridors in the Sedibeng District Municipality,
3) Study of the Impact of Subsidies in the Economy, South African Literature Survey
4) Transport Planning Guidelines and Booklet for the DOT.
5. Overload Control Strategy for the SANRAL Gauteng Freeway Road Improvement Scheme
In 2009, January Erick joined Ingerop South Africa, a multi disciplinary International consulting Engineering company with a parent company in France where he joined the Transport division as a Junior Transport Planner – Intern. Erick intends to register for a Masters Degree in Transport Planning in 2011. 


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are ambitious and working hard to further your career and studies, but I think you should reconsider having so much personal info (especially the CV page) on a public blog. Too many bad people out there that would love to use this information maliciously...

Googling said...

Thanks. I have deleted the page.