Monday, December 6, 2010

Training of Taxi Drivers in the cards

Don't laugh at this please! Taxi drivers and their other counterparts in the taxi industry are set to be trained first before they could drive any passengers. Yes, that's according to SANTACO;

SANTACO will be launching a training academy that will train drivers, ranks marshals, rank managers and operators to project better customer care and instill customer satisfaction in the commuting public at the ranks, in the taxis and en route to their varied destinations.  We will further launch the SANTACO call centre which is presently being populated with taxi industry data to ensure efficiency in managing commuter problems, complains and other general comments that include the general public.

Great news don't you think? This may not entirely end the death in our roads that are caused by bad driving but this will definitely reduce the death tolls. However, the other issue of concern I have is the safety of the vehicles and its unfortunate that the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme did not address the issue of sustainable safer taxis. Just look at the newly introduced Siyaya's and the other 14 seaters that the government encouraged taxi drivers to buy. They are all now becoming scrappy because of lack of maintenance and enforcement.

But let us hope that initiatives to train taxi drivers not only in areas of driving safely and taking care of customers will open eyes of many to start maintaining their vehicles.

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