Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MetroBus Drivers on Strike

Mmmm too bad. We hope that Management and the drivers sort their differences on time and get people to work.

Johannesburg Metrobus passengers were left stranded on Monday because of a strike by bus drivers over the new shift system, SABC news reported.

"Despite being requested by management to give their input on the new shifts, bus operators have not responded, and now refuse to operate these new shifts," Metrobus said in a statement.

It said there was a rescheduling process in order to improve the bus service to "meet passenger demands" which required new shift allocations.

Passengers were advised to make alternative transport arrangements until further notice.

"Management will continue to do their utmost to try and resolve these issues but as from this afternoon [Monday], no bus service will be available to passengers," Metrobus said.

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