Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watching them like a Hawk - Big Brother is here

Hello all,

Sorry for not being so available as I used to. Well, this is not going to change, because my new job is really taking a lot of time I used to have before...but I am not complaining he he. In any case, a week back my wife asked me how long does it take for the JRA to fix a robot that is not working. I thought that was a good question which I did not have a straight answer. So like statisticians, I gave her an average number.....guess how long I told her it takes JRA to fix their robot? 4 days average I said. Do you agree?

Did I hear 7 days? Lol....well one other interesting thing I have observed is that it most of their robots get messed up once it rains and indeed last week it did rain and a number of the robots around the jurisdiction of JRA has gone blank. This has resulted in the intersection causing a lot of congestion and with the traffic officers not being readily available (or not bothering at all) to control traffic on those intersection it get worse in some areas and also affects other small streets that cant accommodate high traffic volumes (i saw the highest number of cars in my street because robots at Beyers Naude/Judges were not working last week)

So, to get the exact average I thought I should track the robots that out of order everyday and report them here. At the end, when I am satisfied that I have covered the areas enough, I will tell u the average. I will record each robot that is out of order by placing a map here from the moment I find out it was out of order to the moment it get fixed. At the end, I will publish the day it took to be fixed.

So enjoy folks, and please if you spot anything in Jozi let me know. See below for a link to robots out of order since yesterday.,+Wilson+Street&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Wilson+St,+Randburg,+Gauteng&msa=0&msid=101582471106944558287.0004943b53da4fb71b75d&ll=-26.093788,27.995224&spn=0.07477,0.110035&z=13&iwloc=0004943b5950ea5971cce

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