Friday, November 5, 2010

Learners Licenses in SA - A time bomb?

"Fuc*!" This is what I said to myself when I opened the learner's license question paper yesterday when I went to the Randburg Civic center to write my learner's license. The questions on the paper had the answers underlined by the previous learners who used them to write and the authority never minded giving us the same papers. So, for all the answers that I did not know, I referred to what the previous learners underlined or where the authorities tried to rub off the underlined answers, I could see the trace of the pencil.

With so many accidents happening in South Africa, then surely this should be something to worry about. Added with the fact that question papers are freely available on the public, one has to be more worried ( I must admit that I used a paper that was illegally sourced). It means that students do not learn all the traffic rules but only the ones they will be tested on. No wonder we see so many accidents in the country. People just don't know all the traffic lights because they never learned about them. Perhaps we should just get rid of this this learner's thing??

Or why don't the authorities move on to electronic testing where questions are generated by the computer? Surely this will force students to learn all the traffic signs irrespective of the class of vehicle being applied to.

If we want our roads to be safe, this is where to begin otherwise all the initiatives that the government is doing will just be fruitless.

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