Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will degraced CEO be fired in other government positions they hold?

Yesterday The Star reported that if anyone at the Road Traffic Management Corporation is fingered for corruption (one wonders if the report he just received did not) we face the music. We know that the CEO among others approved salary increases in excess of approved limits as reported here. Other allegations include;

  • Spending R4.5-million on provincial workshops, when only R1.5-million had been budgeted for the purpose
  • Entering into a 10-year R658-million lease for nine office blocks, only two of which are currently being used for a staff component of 144
  • Blowing R1.3-million of RTMC funds for the hire of private suites at Ellis Park and Loftus Versfeld during the Confederations Cup
  • The purchase by the CEO of a Audi A4 for personal use, using RTMC funds, despite receiving a hefty car allowance
The questions that we should be asking ourselves is if whether he is going to pay all those monies that he misspent back to the organisation? Secondly, are those that also received salary increases they did not deserve going to pay back? What about the Board of Directors who let the CEO run as he wishes, will they pay back as well?

What also disturbs me is the fact that these CEOs who have been found to have misused taxpayer's monies are also board members in other state run companies. Take for instance, the CEO of SAA was found to have been seating on 20 boards on average of which t

hree are subsidiaries of SAA. The question is will be be fired on these positions?

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