Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is the best way to stop the bus?

Just what do you call that little button that you have to press if you want to get off in the next coming bus stop? Well can I just call it “Intent to stop button”? The name sounds longer and I don’t think people will love it but I have inserted the picture below for you to see what I am talking about.

Picture 3: Intent to Stop Button

The other day I pressed that button while inside the Putco bus indicating to the driver that I wanted to get off and he stopped for me to get off in the next public transport stops. I tried doing that the other day with a different bus driver and he told me not to use it anymore. I explained to him that I used it for its purpose and he said we were not in a village or some remote farm. He may be right that the bell is not good(but did not put his words properly?) as it makes a loud sound that can irritate one’s ears but the bell can still be useful where a passenger is at the back and the bus is overloaded with passengers standing in the passage.

The funny thing is even when the bus is too full, passengers prefers to wait for the bus to stop while waiting in the front sometimes even when they are not getting off in the next two public transport stops, even if it will mean that passengers boarding in will find it difficult to go to the back. Some drivers thinks that someone is playing with the button like once when I was in the Rea Vaya and the bus driver skipped two stations.

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