Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toll Road Debates Heating Up

There is no doubt that Jozi people are not happy with the new tolling system in Johannesburg. Yesterday Sbu said if people are not happy to pay the toll they must make use of taxis which was met with revolt by readers who said Sbu must try the taxi himself. Such a response from the Minister of Transport is not well thought me thinks and has to do with our Minister's arrogance. Surely Sbu knows how well taxis are hated in South Africa because of their perceived un-road worthiness, he could have came up with a better response. 

Nazir Alli, the CEO of SANRAL, an agency of the Department of Transport responsible for the implementation of the tolling of the roads is also not providing the public with satisfactory answers. Not that there are any that he can give to the public...people are mad that the taxes that they are paying are not being used to maintain the roads and there are just no alternative public transport available to their disposal. Its true...Gautrain, which was being tainted as an alternative to those who don't want to pay toll roads is not accessible to every Tom Dick and Harry, as Cosatu says. Sbu's response: "You are not forced to make use of alternative Routes". Sbu, are you aware of the extra costs this will have on CoJ?  At the moment JRA can't even fix a pothole within the specified time period. Anyway If you want alternative routes people, see the map below;

View New Roads to be Tolled and Alternative Routes in a larger map 

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