Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New parking system for Johannesburg

Soon you will not park for free in the streets of Central Jo'burg, Sandton, Rosebank and in Midrand. For a very long time, motorists in Jo'burg have been parking for free and it is said that some would leave their vehicles for hours without moving them causing other car owners not to find parking at all. It is true, getting a parking in Joburg will take you time during peak hours.

Not that the new system will mean you can find parking at any time. Well, the details of how it works are sketchy and there are no mention of if whether the system is intelligent to let the parking marshalls where the parking space is available. But the question that one need to know is where is the R7.50 that motorists will be charged be going to. Will it be used to cities or will it all go to the bonuses of the authorities?

I also hope that all stakeholders in the city centers were proparly involved in the decision making...and the R7.50 is fair. Talk of the stakeholders, already the existing informal parking assistance are said to be threatened. They should not be left to find other means of survival...they should be incorporated to the new system.

A new parking system allowing motorists to park on the side of the road will be rolled out to other areas of Johannesburg in the new year, the Johannesburg metro police said.

Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said the system was piloted in Braamfontein at the beginning of December.
"There are wardens allowing motorists to park on the road side for a R7.50 fee per hour," he said.
He explained that motorists would be issued with a parking slip.

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