Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Park Stations - From a fellow blogger

I have a friend who posts pictures of Johannesburg whenever he could. His blog is Johannesburg Daily Photos and if you hate reading long posts like mine, his are short and you may enjoy them. Check one of his posts. 

Don't you think the old Park station is cool?

Old Park Station...

Some of the the most adorable structures that can be found in Johannesburg and that is the structure that used to serve as Johannesburg's Park Station. It is said that Johannesburg Housing Company is the owner of the site and the structure and there are plans to building low cost houses were the structure is, I hope all these is not the truth.

If I had my way, I would like to see the structure being turned into 
Green House were plants and vegies are grown. I would encourage people with HIV/AIDS to come work there for a small fee. I would include a waterfall and encorporate statues dedicated to victims of HIV and AIDS. I would turn part of the empty space next to the green house to saturday and/or sunday morning markets for flowers and vegetables. I would then make sure that the place is bright and glowing at night use green energy and lights.

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